McAfee is the world’s largest IT security vendor. Its product portfolio extends from products designed for home users to enterprise-class security solutions, therefore McAfee has solutions for all significant security problems. Its enterprise-class solutions can be integrated to other McAfee solutions, therefore McAfee is an ideal vendor for large enterprises, where it is important to build out the security infrastructure uniformly. The high standards of McAfee solutions are ensured by managing research and development on enhanced level and maintaining high amount of spending on this area.


BalaBit is the largest domestic IT security vendor, a key player in the domestic network perimeter security. Its Zorp firewall technology became famous in this country and abroad as well, since each year they have surprised the IT security business with an innovation, which helped them to leave their competitors far behind. For ten years now BalaBit is a key player of the global log management market due to the success of BalaBit syslog-ng product family and SCB audit solution. The key to BalaBit’s success can be found in the teeming and innovative company culture, in the human focused management and in the natural tone from-engineer-to-engineer community communication.


PGP Corporation is the market leader vendor in enterprise class e-mail and data encryption solutions. PGP Corporation is a traditional vendor, which solutions are highly reliable and user friendly due to the several years of continuous development. The most popular PGP products are the encryption solution of e-mail, hard disks, network shares and mobile devices.


Sawmill Analytics is the vendor of the Sawmill log analyzing solution. Sawmill is a hierarchical log analyzing tool that runs on every major platform and helps in the professional analysis of log files. Sawmill Analytics provides three log analyzing products for the market: Sawmill Lite, Sawmill Professional and Sawmill Enterprise