Vulnerability assessment

The service

In vulnerability assessment assignments we use automatic tools to identify the vulnerability points of our client’s IT infrastructure.

The professional assessment and management of the vulnerabilities are very important in blocking the intrusion attempts, since these vulnerability points serves as the primary target for potential attackers. In our days, when dozens of new and newer vulnerabilities are published, it is impossible to protect information systems on an adequate level without assessing and managing their vulnerabilities professionally.

As part of our service we prepare daily reports about the vulnerabilities of the target infrastructure and the associated risks with utilizing the vulnerability assessment tool of some well-known vendors. With the precise knowledge of vulnerabilities and the associated risks our client can remove the vulnerabilities in a prioritized way, thus minimizing the overall security risk.

We recommend it for

  • banks providing online banking services
  • online shops and markets
  • public service organizations providing online services
  • organizations with Internet presence, where a successful attack against the organization’s Internet presence (e.g., website defacement) would result in serious brand issues

Why choose us?

  • since we utilize the vulnerability assessment tool of some well-known vendors ensuring that all published vulnerability points are identified
  • since our experts have significant experience in vulnerability assessment, therefore can decrease the likelihood of reporting false positives to the possible lowest level