Security awareness training

The service

The weakest chain is the human factor.

The information security business knows this axiom for a long while, however adequate solution for the problem hasn’t been found up to now. We can implement better and better firewall, virus protection, intrusion detection - and IT security solutions could be listed for a long while, – however it turned out to be a very difficult task to prevent an accountant in the financial department from giving out her accounting application password when receiving the first tricky phone call.

Since the root of the problem lies in the low level of the employee’s security awareness and in the fact that they can be motivated easily by psychological tools, the only way to decrease this security risk is holding security awareness trainings.

In the course of security awareness training we paint detailed picture to the employees of our client about the security risks associated with their daily work, and we give advice how to decrease or eliminate these risks. The security awareness training is hold as a class room training or as an e-Learning training according to the need of our client.

We recommend it for organizations

without any restriction, since according to our experiences the low level of information security awareness is a big problem for every organization.

Why choose us?

  • since we have significant experiences in organizing and holding information security awareness trainings
  • since we are not only able to hold the information security training, but we can identify the policy sections and procedure steps the training material should be aligned with
  • since we have not only consulting, but client-side experiences as well