Information security strategy

The service

Without strategic planning it cannot be ensured that information security projects are built on each other and as a result of the security spending the information security framework is established.

Developing high standard information security strategy is always a complex task, since in its formulation several points should be considered. These points include the client’s business environment and strategy, the client’s IT strategy, the actual domestic and global information security trends, the relevant industry practice and the actual build out of the client’s information security framework.

In developing our methodology we have endeavored to fully meet the requirements above.

We recommend it for organizations

  • where the management of the organization intends to involve an independent security professional into defining the strategic objectives of information security
  • which spend significant amounts for information security and the management of the organization wants to ensure that financial resources advance moving in a well-defined direction
  • where the build out of the information security framework is just planned, and the management of the organization wants to see the steps through the determined objectives can be reached and the financial and human resources are required by each step

Why choose us?

  • since we have both client-side and consulting experiences in developing information security strategies
  • since we have not only information security, but business competencies as well
  • since we have a view of the domestic and international information security trends and industry practices
  • since in our assignments we lay special emphasis on having the developed strategy accepted by the organization’s top management, middle managers and experts as well