Outsourced IT audit

The service

In several cases performing the function of the internal IT audit is ordered as a service from a professional information security company. Generally the reason behind this decision is that there is no employee in the organization with the required certifications and experiences, or outsourcing is done motivated by cost efficiency considerations.

In outsourced IT audit assignments we perform the audit reviews according to the audit methodology and work programs provided by our client. The deficiencies found in the audit reviews are documented and reported according to the client’s standards as well.

We recommend it for organizations

  • where no employee can be found in the organization with the required skills to perform the duties of the internal IT auditor
  • where the internal IT audit cannot be performed in the organization in a cost effective way

Why choose us?

  • since our certified audit professionals have considerable experiences
  • since we have not only audit, but client-side management experiences as well