Data classification

The service

The objective of data classification is to put the organization’s data – or using a more technical term the information assets of the organization – into various confidentiality classes and thus make it possible that data different form the security point of view are managed differently by the organization.

Data classification is an important part of the information security framework, since without it the data management should be done with such general procedures and processes, which either would not ensure high enough security level, or would result in unbearable burden for the organization.

In data classification assignments we define the data classes aligned with the client’s policy and business environment, develop the inventory of information assets and assign the information assets into the defined data classes.

We recommend it for organizations

  • where inventorying and classification of the information assets haven’t been performed
  • where a solution for data leakage prevention is considered to be implemented
  • where data classification has been performed, however it resulted in an extensive data inventory, which maintenance and continuous update is not solved

Why choose us?

  • since our consultants have significant experiences in data classification assignments
  • since we not only perform the data classification, but we are able to develop the policies and procedures of managing the classified data as well