B-Trust Information Security and Consulting Ltd. has been called into life by its fo­un­ders to fill up the gap bet­ween vari­ous IT and ad­vi­sory com­panies on the domes­tic in­for­ma­tion secu­rity market. Based on the per­sonal client-side ex­pe­ri­ences of the foun­ders, in many cases IT com­panies fail in assign­ments due to not having enough under­stand­ing about the client's or­ga­ni­zati­onal and bu­si­ness ope­ration, while the poor tech­nical know­ledge of ad­visory com­panies causes si­milar client dis­sa­tis­fac­tion.

The mission of B-Trust is to execute assignments of implementing complex information security technologies and building out of the information security framework with a management consultant's under­standing about or­gani­zation and business.


McAfee is the world’s largest IT security vendor. Its product port­folio extends from products desig­ned for home users to en­ter­prise class se­cu­rity solu­tions, there­fore McAfee has solu­tions for all sig­nifi­cant secu­rity prob­lems.
BalaBit is the largest domestic IT security vendor, a key player in the domestic network perimeter security. Its Zorp firewall tech­nology became famous in this country and abroad as well, since each year they have surprised the IT security business with an innovation, which helped them to leave their competitors far behind.
PGP Corporation is the market leader vendor in enter­prise class e-mail and data encryption so­lu­ti­ons. PGP Corporation is a tra­di­ti­onal vendor, which so­lu­ti­ons are highly reli­able and user friendly due to the several years of con­ti­nuous de­ve­lop­ment.