B-Trust iSEC Information Security and Consulting Ltd. has been called into life by its founders to fill up the gap between various IT and advisory companies on the domestic information security market. Based on the personal client-side experiences of the founders, in many cases IT companies fail in assignments due to not having enough understanding about the client's organizational and business operation, while the poor technical knowledge of advisory companies causes similar client dissatisfaction.
The mission of B-Trust iSEC is to execute assignments of implementing complex information security technologies and building out of the information security framework with a management consultant's understanding about organization and business.

After reviewing the players of the domestic information security market, one can see that beside the domestic IT companies established around the change of regime and beside the multinational IT and consulting companies, 5-10 men professional information security companies continuously emerge on the market since 2003.

B-Trust iSEC is a professional information security company, which also fits into this process.

B-Trust iSEC security professionals have more than ten years of experience in consulting and IT, therefore they consider it as a challenge to resolve complex information security issues no one could solve up to now.